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In partnership with you, we closely define the position as it relates to your corporate culture and position requirements. Then, through our vast networking and database resources, we go directly to the elite professionals who closely match your needs. With interviewing and background investigation, we are able to pare the list of candidates using technical expertise, employment history, and chemistry as our guides. You interview a select group of professionals and then are able to select and hire the best of the best.


Since 1982, The Greene Group has been providing outplacement and career counseling services to clients faced with small staff reductions, major downsizing, or facility closings.

A tailor-made program can be developed to fit the specific needs of your executives/management, and/or hourly personnel.

Our program differs from traditional outplacement in that The Greene Group “markets” the candidate to companies in the wood products industries. Companies that hire candidates through this program incur no hiring fees.

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